Hae-Jeong Yoon

Pastor of Discipleship

Hae-Jeong Yoon

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“According to the word of John Wesley, the founder of our United Methodist Church, it was the prevenient Grace. Have your heard of the important words Grace of God? And Prevenient Grace? The definition is the Grace of God that visits and invites people to the love of God before people know God. I thought at first that it was 'my' mysteriously hidden passion. No. It was not mine; it was God's passion for me! Oh… how God loved me! And you! I forgot my vow and dedication towards God while going through the challenging, competitive education system in Korean Culture. My parents wanted me to be a pianist, which was quite a common thing in Asian culture. I had a passion in my heart, but I didn't know the direction of it. My soul was always restless. To find a place of rest, I pursued my academic career in Germany. I finished my studies with a Ph.D. in Musicology. The year I finished my degree, I once again received the calling of the Lord. I saw God in a vision and heard God say, "Serve me with all your being." I remember at that moment how my restless heart rested for the first time and the burden that pressed on my shoulders my whole life long just fell away. I knew my intended path in my soul very clearly. That was the way. There was no other way. I followed the calling through challenges and hardships because I could not live my life in any other way.

Now, I am preparing for my time of transition from California to Wisconsin. My heart is filled with calm joy and anticipation for what God has prepared for us in the Appleton church. I can feel that my heart is getting ready for this destined transition.

  January 2023  
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