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Hearing Loop

Hearing Loop in the Sanctuary/Chapel/Asbury Lounge

Today’s digital hearing aids enhance hearing in conversational settings. Yet for many people with hearing loss the sound becomes unclear when speakers are at a distance, when the context is noisy, or when room acoustics reverberate sound. 

A hearing loop magnetically transfers the microphone or TV sound signal to hearing aids and cochlear implants that have a tiny, inexpensive “telecoil” receiver. This transforms the instruments into in-the-ear loudspeakers that deliver sound customized for one’s own hearing loss. Most aids and cochlear implants have a telecoil in them.

Even so, a loop system will immediately serve more people, for two reasons:

  1. Anyone without telecoils can still check out portable receivers, as with other assistive listening systems, and
  2. Few people in churches, movie theaters, and auditoriums presently bother to check out the portable receivers.

With the flick of a tiny switch the telecoil-equipped hearing aid switches from a microphone (M) to a telecoil (T) mode. Many hearing aids also offer a setting for simultaneous mike and telecoil (MT). 

Please see one of our ushers to learn more about our Hearing Loop, our Hearing Loop portable receivers, or our FM portable receivers. 

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